The Development and Engagement Initiative in Asia (DEI in Asia) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and development of student services programs promoting psychological, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social well-being, as well as greater intercultural understanding and engagement for institutions of higher education in Asia, specifically mainland China. To further educational opportunities, development potential and awareness of important social issues in a broader scope, DEI in Asia also aims to:

  • sponsor international internship and study opportunities for promising young adults with the desire to have a positive impact on international relations or the welfare of their local community
  • work with local community organizations to develop leadership and educational opportunities to empower them to have a stronger impact in their personal growth and their communities
  • engage in research and other activities of a similar nature to promote positive change within Asia.

DEI in Asia works together with scholars and professionals from both the United States and Asia to develop effective program initiatives that will best meet the needs that exist in Asia's dynamic and unique environment. By coordinating efforts and resources, DEI in Asia hopes to provide greater opportunity for Asia to develop its own independent resources and programs to benefit the welfare of its people and encourage positive engagement with others.